Best of the banter – Supercars at Bathurst

Esports | April 23rd, 2020

Check out some of our favourite bits of banter between the Supercars aces, and IndyCar star Will Power, from the third round of the category’s Eseries.

Once again, a variety of Twitch streams and the central radio channel linking all drivers provided some brilliant behind-the-scenes insight into the official virtual Supercars series.

Here are some of our highlights.

Scott McLaughlin’s engineer Richard Harris impressed with Chaz Mostert’s facial hair.

“I reckon Chaz looks a bit like Nigel Mansell with that mo at the moment.”

Scott McLaughlin after copping a penalty for hitting Will Power.

“That’s BS man. I got pushed off. Everyone can go two-by-two there.”

Cam Waters lands a cheeky blow on Fabian Coulthard after a spin at Forrest’s Elbow.

“Are you working for Scotty again, Fabian?”

Garry Jacobson and Jack Le Brocq discuss racing etiquette.

GJ: “You can’t f***ing change like that Jack.”
JLB: “Righto mate.”

Scott Pye and Bryce Fullwood debrief their last-lap clash at The Chase after Race 1.

SP: “F**k Bryce, come on man. You’re better than that.”
BF: “I’m waiting for you.”
SP: “Yeah I don’t give a s**t now man.”
BF: “You could have given me a bit of room too.”
SP: “Mate I gave you so much room. You drove like a proper rookie then. You’re a second a lap off the pace, you only got in it because of Scotty… just roll out of it mate.”
BF: “Okay mate, whatever helps you sleep at night.”
SP: “Cheers Brycey. You drove like a dickhead mate.”

Nick Percat then weighs in.

NP: “You just took his drive Bryce.”
SP: “Yeah clearly I’m gutted about that one.”

Scott McLaughlin and Will Power share a shunt debrief of their own.

SM: “Sorry, I thought we could have gone two-by-two and hit the grass and hit you. Sorry. Don’t swear, I’m streaming.”
WP: “Who’s that?”
SM: “It’s Scott.”
WP: “Oh, are you talking to me? Yeah no problem man. I just wondered what happened there.”

Nick Percat encouraging some more Mostert/Waters action down Conrod. 

“Hey Mozzie, throw it down the inside of Cam again.”

Power has one of his trademark blow-ups after being tagged by Shane van Gisbergen in Race 2.

“God you’re a wanker Shane. What are you doing man? Such a wanker.”

And then a few minutes later…

“Give the #97 a drive-through for taking me out. Terrible, terrible.”

Anton De Pasquale after clipping a stranded Jamie Whincup down Conrod and rolling at The Chase.

“F**king bulls**t man. I’m on my lid. You’re joking. F**king hell. How is someone backwards in The Chase? You can’t be serious.”

Will Davison slams Waters after their Tickford tangle at the Elbow during Race 3.

“Are you serious Waters, man? Seriously? What do you keep taking us out for? You took Holdsworth out in the last one.”

Pye was deeply unimpressed when a lack of Safety Car intervention left him circulating on his own in Race 3.

“This is s**thouse guys. This is just like, amateur. There’s unrealistic shunts everywhere, but we can’t have Safety Cars. And yet we’re still required to sit on here all night and run around on our own.”

The heavyweight clash of the evening, however, was Percat and Mark Winterbottom after not one, but two Race 3 shunts.

Here’s the first exchange after Percat tagged Winterbottom at the Elbow.

MW: “F**k you’re a peanut.”
NP: “Sorry mate. Don’t turn in.”
MW: “You’re a dick, man.”

And then after another clash at Griffins…

NP: “Old Mark Winterbottom, the actual sook bag of V8 Supercars.”
MW: “Sorry man, shouldn’t have turned in on you. I was trying to get through the corner.”
NP: “I’ll send some tissues out your way, because that’s classic you.”
MW: “I’m not complaining man. All good.”

Brodie Kostecki references his upbringing on US short tracks after his NASCAR bump on McLaughlin.

“Today I was in the state of North Carolina. Sorry about that Scotty.”