Best of the banter – Supercars at Spa-Francorchamps

Esports | May 7th, 2020

Check out some of our favourite bits of banter between the Supercars aces, and Formula 1 star Lando Norris, from the fifth round of the category’s Eseries.

Once again, a variety of Twitch streams and the central radio channel linking all drivers provided some brilliant behind-the-scenes insight into the official virtual Supercars series.

Here are some of our highlights.

Garry Jacobson with a helpful qualifying hint for a wildcard starter.

“Hey Jack Doohan, can you please try and get out of people’s way when they are on laps, mate? It would be much appreciated.”

Scott McLaughlin sends a cheeky voice memo to Lando Norris before the Shootout.

“Jeez you must be nervous mate, I tell ya. Big lap. You know, you’ve got home track advantage, let’s be honest.”

And then after Norris gets an off-track on his Shootout lap…

“Do you know what? That was all my text message to him. That was it.”

Will Davison cops a ribbing for an off-track of his own in the Shootout.

WD: “That’s the only thing that stresses me out, those things.”
Scott McLaughlin: “The big old off-track, Wilbur. I called it. Professor Off-Track.”
WD: “Yeah what a barry. I’m going down to Eau Rouge and I’m going ‘lift early, lift early, lift early… ah f**k I went later than I’ve ever gone…’.”

Jake Kostecki asking Jacobson for some help while sitting on the Race 1 grid.

JK: “Garry can you let me know when the light goes out? I can’t see it all the way back here.”
GJ (responding immediately): “Green flag, three, two, one, go!”

Scott Pye sees teammate Mark Winterbottom engaged in a high-altitude rollover on Lap 1 of Race 1.

“Seeya Frosty. Are you going up to check the grandstands out mate?”

Norris gets nervy during the first race.

“I’m really struggling on the throttle. I’m too nervous. My foot is shaking.”

Jack Le Brocq and Fabian Coulthard rub panels late in the first race.

JLB: “Come on Fabs, what’s that mate? Ridiculous.”
FC: “Turn down for what bro. I’m there brother.”
JLB: “You reckon you’re two centimetres into a corner you don’t brake for? Solid.”
FC: “Go and look at the replay buddy.”
JLB: “Righto mate.”

McLaughlin after going close to another ‘Steven Bradbury’ win, like at the Indy 175.

“We nearly did a Bradbury again bro, no s**t.”

Shane van Gisbergen debriefs his wild Race 1 finish with a few drivers.

Explaining it to Lando Norris:

SVG: “Man that was wild.”
LN: “What actually happened?”
SVG: “[De Pasquale] pulled a good move on me, actually, on the outside of the last chicane. I sort of squeezed him but he went straight over the kerb around the left and gave me no room. And I hooked him in the right rear and put him in the fence.”

Then Waters joins the discussion…

SVG: “You punted me into Scotty a beauty.”
CW: “I didn’t know he was out there, mate.”
SVG: “Ah whatever, I’m all for it. That was good s**t.”
CW: “I thought I had it then your secondary drive was just lit.”

Then Giz and McLaughlin talk it through.

SVG: “How was the finish, Scotty?”
SM: “Yeah it was wild.”
SVG: “That f**king p**ck in the Monster car hit me into you.” (laughs)

Norris after being tipped into a spin on the run to Eau Rouge early in Race 2.

“What the f**k… nice one.”

McLaughlin while bumping doors with arch rival David Reynolds on the first lap of Race 2.

“Reynolds you’re suck a c**k.”

Then later, reflecting on an awkward move on the Erebus Holden driver…

“Do you know one bonus about that bad move? I took out Reynolds.”

Jake Kostecki under fire for some lag issues early in Race 3.

Scott Pye: “Kostecki you’re bouncing everywhere man.”
Nick Percat: “I think you should, like, pull over.”
JK: “Give me a couple of laps. If it’s still bad I’ll box.”
NP: “Yeah but mate we can’t get near you.”
JK: “You’re not near me anyway.”
NP: “I’m staying back for a reason. You’re crashing with Lee [Holdsworth], mate.”