Motorsport Apex

Motorsport Apex is set to become the go-to home for everyone who has ever dreamed of joining an organised and welcoming community of sim racing enthusiasts. Designed from the ground up to serve the growing motorsport esports scene, providing a hub for everyone that loves racing and gaming – not just the elite.

Motorsport Apex will provide:

  • A home for professionally run esports tournaments
  • Tools for individual competitors, groups and organisations to host their own leagues with motorsport relevant competition formats
  • The ability to find and build unique communities
  • Compare statistics with your friends and the world’s best drivers
  • Engage with professionally created and community led content

This is for everyone who ever wanted to find a home to satisfy their desire to improve, sample different types of racing and compete in a variety of unique competitions from office and school challenges to full-blown professionally run and sanctioned racing series where success not only rewards with glory, but with fame and fortune. Live out your dreams on Motorsport Apex.


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