Thrustmaster LCM pedals review – a new level of braking precision?

Esports | February 13th, 2020

As the popularity of sim racing increases, so does the demand for affordable, high-quality sim racing equipment.

Brought to you by Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster has long been one of the leading manufacturers and its latest release makes it easy to understand its popularity among amateur and professional sim racers.

The Thrustmaster load cell and magnetics pedals aim to provide gamers with the ability to perform ‘ultra-precise braking’, and great adjustability.

Installation is often the first attribute tested when it comes to any type of sim racing equipment, and the pedals perform well in this category.

There’s a cockpit drilling template that makes this process a smooth one.

Once installed there’s a wide range of adjustability options to help each gamer find their sweet spot with the pedals.

Thrustmaster LCM pedals

Thrustmaster LCM pedals

Photo by: Thrustmaster

The six-spring set-up is perfect for allowing quick adjustments. Changing the pedal spring strength takes around 30 seconds, considerably quicker than pedals produced by its rivals such as Fanatec.

The height, spacing and inclination of the pedals can be adjusted.

The load cell force can withstand an impressive 100kg of braking force, more than enough to accurately translate exactly how much force you inflict on the pedals.

Thrustmaster LCM pedals detail

Thrustmaster LCM pedals detail

Photo by: Thrustmaster

It does take a few laps to adjust to the sensitivity of the pedals. But muscle memory develops once those laps are put in and the correct adjustments are made.

The pedals can be used with zero adjustments, but those options are there for gamers who are wanting a more fine-tuned experience.

The revamped design of the pivot point on the pedals increases the resistance and lends to a more natural feeling when driving. Moreover, the clutch especially feels more naturally stiffer.

Also, the adjustability of the calibration software such as the dead zone and brake force felt varied and consistent.

Thrustmaster LCM pedals spring detail

Thrustmaster LCM pedals spring detail

Photo by: Thrustmaster

The actual composition of the pedal base is made from plastic rather than metal. Its solidly constructed but the heel plate requires several fixings to secure it and prevent it from been detached.

Another negative is the inability to invert as you could with previous models.

Impressively, the pedals are compatible with any racing wheel on PC via a USB cable. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the pedals can be used with most Thrustmaster wheels.

In conclusion, Thrustmaster’s latest pedal set is solidly built, easy-installable and comes with a wide range of adjustable settings that will allow gamers to fine-tune their equipment exactly to their liking.

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