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NASCAR Rivals is set to launch on October 14, 2022 and will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch. 

The NASCAR Cup Series is the only national touring series that will be featured in NASCAR Rivals. 

There are a variety of difficulty and assist settings within NASCAR Rivals to make the game accessible to players of all ages. Players can turn on full assists or remove them for a more realistic and challenging racing experience.

NASCAR Rivals features several race modes for players to enjoy. Career Mode allows players to create their own team or join an existing one to complete the full season, contend for a championship, attract new contract offers and build your legacy in the NASCAR Cup Series. Race Nowgives players the opportunity to select any driver and compete on any track, while also customizing the race and difficulty settings. “Challenges” puts players into scenarios inspired by real life incidents that happened on-track in the NASCAR Cup Series. “Split Screen” allows players to challenge their friends, family, and rivals by racing head-to-head as any driver at any track, with customizable race and difficulty settings. In Race Onlineplayers will be able to race against up to 15 additional players in customizable lobbies, which can be private or hosted. “Wireless” allows up to eight players the chance to race against one another in a closed multiplayer using local wireless connections.  

A rearview mirror will be available to players via a Day 1 Patch for NASCAR Rivals. This free patch will be available to all players that own NASCAR Rivals and will update once they connect to the internet.  

If players are able to win a race, they will have the option of doing a burnout to celebrate their victory. Get as creative as you can and burn those tires down.  

There is a suggested driving line that appears to all players during practice sessions to help them get acclimated to the best line around the racetrack. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings for qualifying and race sessions.  

The in-game spotter for NASCAR Rivals is Freddie Kraft, who serves as Bubba Wallace’s spotter for 23XI Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series.  

The cut scene voiceover was recorded by Motor Racing Network’s Alex Hayden.  

There are a host of options when it comes to adjustable driving assists. Players can adjust the following areas of gameplay: Transmission (automatic or manual), Brake Smoothing, Driving Assist, Stability Help, Steering Help, Off Throttle Oversteer, Braking Oversteer, and Wall Avoidance. Players can also adjust the AI settings and difficulty to make an even more customized experience.  

Players can use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con attached to the device in handheld mode but are also able to use the Joy-Con individually, as well as in the Nintendo Pro Controller and the Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel Pair.  

NASCAR Rivals features a robust soundtrack featuring the following artists: You Know Who, X Ambassadors, Allister X, Leap, Kris Kiss, Phantom Passenger, Milo Le Miche, Whiskey Myers, and Renze. 


Yes, players are able to race head-to-head against one another using “Split Screen” mode. This can be done by using the Joy-Cons that are included with the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel Pair, or by pairing another set of Joy-Cons with the Nintendo Switch and using the Nintendo Pro Controllers.  

Online Multiplayer lobbies currently support up to 16 different players. 

Yes, players are able to customize nearly every aspect of race events in Online Multiplayer lobbies. Players are able to customize the track selection and create a series of tracks to be run in succession, as well as race length, tire wear/fuel consumption, draft influence, maximum number of players, AI cars, flags, stages, damage, and driving aids.  

Following the Day 1 Patch, players will be able to race against up to seven other players by utilizing the “Wireless” multiplayer option. This allows players to compete against each other utilizing a local wireless connection such as Bluetooth.  


When players start a new career in the NASCAR Rivals Career Mode they will begin by customizing their driver’s name and appearance. Players have a variety of customizable features to truly make their character their own.  

The NASCAR Rivals Career Mode presents players two options when beginning a career, either create their own team or join an existing NASCAR Cup Series team already competing.

When players create their own team to compete for in Career Mode, they will be presented with potential sponsors to choose as a primary partner on the car. That sponsor’s logos will appear on a blank car, which the player can then customize using the in-depth Paint Booth.  

When creating a new team in Career Mode players will have to choose the team name, select a sponsor, purchase race cars, hire employees and train the employees to increase their work impact and improve the overall car’s performance.  

Sponsors will also provide incentives throughout the season with various requirements for each. These vary in terms of difficulties and requirements.  

When players either join an existing team to begin their Career Mode or when they are offered a new contract, it will be a specific car from the existing team. When first selecting a team to drive for when starting a new Career Mode, players will be presented with an option of cars from a specific team.

Once in Career Mode, players can go to the “Future Plans” tab to see the contract requirements for each team. As the player goes through the season and hits the various requirements for each team, contract options will them become available. When a new contract is available, players will see a pop-up notification informing them of a new contract option. If the player wishes to sign with the new team, they will arrange a contract option to join the new organization at the end of the current season. Players are also able to start their own team after joining an already existing NASCAR Cup Series team.

The way a player races against other drivers in the field will ultimately impact how they race against the player. Other racers will either become a friend, happy, kind, nice, polite, neutral, annoyed, upset, or angry at the player as they progress throughout the season. When looking at the “About Me” tab of Career Mode players will be able to see the “My Reputation Breakdown” and “Driver Relationship” following each event.   


Yes, the enhanced Paint Booth feature in NASCAR Rivals allows players to get as creative as possible when creating custom paint schemes.  

Players can create their own unique driver character using the “My Driver” feature, as well as when starting a new effort in “Career Mode.” There are a variety of customization options to allow players the option to create their own unique look.  

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