NASCAR 21: Ignition January 2022 Roadmap

The Motorsport Games Development Team is hard at work on several updates to NASCAR 21: Ignition. In addition to various fixes and quality of life improvements, there are also a number of community-requested features that should be coming to the game soon.


Stages – You can turn stages on in both Race Now and Career when rules are turned on. Stage points are awarded, as well as playoff points for stage wins. Stage laps are accurate to NASCAR’s expected stage lengths for each event and are scaled for shorter race distances. Actual yellow flag laps between stages are not counted to give the player more laps of green flag racing, especially at the shorter race distances. If a yellow flag comes out prior to a stage end, the stage will be deemed finished and get the user ready for the next stage via a caution period.

Private Parties –You can now set your party to private once you have at least 6 players in there. Your private party can then head into either online playlist and race together without any other community members joining your fun. To set a party to private make sure you have at least 6 people in your party and then look for the Private toggle tooltip to appear at the bottom of the screen. Private Parties are currently capped at 18 players, but we plan to expand this in the future with a goal of allowing a full 40-player field.

Corner Cutting –If you cut corners at Road Courses when racing online your lap will be invalidated. The same penalty is applied in Race Now or Career mode when racing with rules turned on, so make sure you stick to the race track. If you go off the track accidently, just make sure you are not gaining an advantage by the time you re-join the action.


Next Gen Test Mode – Be one of the first to experience the next generation of NASCAR Cup Series stock cars. The new Next Gen Test Mode is free to all players and takes you to Daytona and allows you to take the wheel of the Live Fast Ford Mustang where you can spend time getting to know the car at the most iconic racetrack on the NASCAR Cup Series calendar.​

Camera Shake Toggle – You can now switch all camera shake off using a setting in the options menu. This will affect all camera shake effects in all in game camera angles.


PS5 & XBOX SERIES X/S Upgrade – If you have a PS5 or XBOX Series X you can upgrade for free and enjoy NASCAR 21: Ignition optimized for the incredible performance of the latest generation of console hardware. You can still play with friends on the previous generation of consoles while enjoying next generation console performance.​


Custom Schemes Online – Take your best Paint Booth creations online and show them off in the Shake & Bake and Bump & Run playlists. Just head online and choose your custom paint scheme from the Change Paint Scheme area in Online.​