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NASCAR Heat 5 Launch FAQ

Where can I pre-order NASCAR Heat 5? 

See for retailers. 

Why can’t I pre-order NASCAR Heat 5 on the PlayStation store? 

Due to issues with the PlayStation Store, the game won’t be available for pre-order digitally on PlayStation, but we are committed to ensure that people who buy NASCAR Heat 5 on launch day (7/7 for Gold, 7/10 for Standard) receive the pre-order content.  

How can I get the pre-order content if I’m purchasing through the PlayStation Store? 

In order to receive a digital code for the pre-order content go to and enter your email and we’ll send a digital code containing the pre-order content.  Once you have the code just redeem it to your PlayStation account and it will unlock the content. 

How will I receive the pre-order content if I’m ordering the game through a retailer? 

Retailers will provide digital codes to those who pre-ordered, which will unlock the extra content when redeemed. 

Where can I learn more about NASCAR Heat 5 Gold and Standard Editions? 

Check out our NASCAR Heat 5 FAQ from earlier this year to find out more about the benefits of going Gold and pre-ordering. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to see NASCAR Heat 5 in action. 

How many DLC packs will be included in the Gold Edition season pass? 

There will be 4 DLC packs released as part of the season pass for NASCAR Heat 5, currently they are scheduled for July, August, September, and October.