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NASCAR Heat Evolution Update #3

Below is the official list of features coming in the next update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval and should go live by the end of next week.

NASCAR Heat Evolution Online

  • Cars ghost out and are not collidable when driving backwards or parked in Normal Lobbies
  • Cars ghost out and are not collidable and then are kicked mid-race when driving backwards or parked in Hosted Lobbies
  • User can create simulation only lobbies with custom setups in Hosted Lobbies
  • In Private Lobbies, users can modify race length and wear factor (Console-only)

NASCAR Heat Evolution Tracks

  • Track surface improvements at Las Vegas
  • Fence improvements at New Hampshire, Michigan, and Texas
  • Fixed crazy bump at Chicagoland
  • AI Improvements at Dover and Homestead
  • Corrected the qualification rules at Indy, Michigan, and Pocono
  • Superspeedway engine/car tuning (improved the RPM engine curve at superspeedways)

NASCAR Heat Evolution Visuals/Options

  • Show position/lap in replay
  • Added a screen adjustment feature in Options->Visuals
  • Movie volume is now connected to SFX volume slider
  • User can specify to Always Use Custom Setups in advanced options

NASCAR Heat Evolution Bugs Fixes

  • Improved Yellow Flag sensitivity
  • Fixed ordering of cars when pitting under yellow
  • Fixed tire pressure labels in pitting options (LR and RF were swapped)
  • Fixed bug where you could see “Custom AI level” when closing track settings, even if AI wasn’t set to Custom
  • Fixed rare situation where user could get stuck at race day in multiplayer, without ever entering race
  • Fixed issue that could cause performance hitches when playing spotter sounds
  • Fixed issue where DLC wasn’t loaded if it was installed while the game was suspended
  • The correct pit animation is displayed, taking into account how much fuel was remaining in the car
  • Corrected scaling of damage (improved engine damage)


  • Added 2016 NASCAR Next drivers (only playable in Quick Race mode)
  • Performance enhancements when viewing season standings in UI and post-race
  • Season standings only show the first 40 drivers
  • Clarified that clutch only works with stick shift
  • Speed points count up faster when earning a large number of points
  • Players only get speed points for laps complete

System Specific NASCAR Heat Evolution Updates

  • PS4: Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and clutch pedals now work correctly (shifter must be plugged into wheel to work)
  • PS4: Fixed challenge videos so that they play the correct video
  • Xbox: Added Duel mode with voice chat. (Duel mode is an online two-player quick-race mode. We have no plans to release this feature on other systems.)