Week 1 Recap

What a week!

After months of anticipation, NASCAR Heat Evolution has been released. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the fans that have picked up the game. Everyone has had a lot to say about the game on social media and through our customer support channels. Though we haven’t been able to respond to everyone, please know we’re here and listening. Here’s a quick update on a few topics.



Last week we had some issues with DLC on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. DLC is working on PlayStation 4, but Xbox One is still experiencing issues. We’re working diligently with Microsoft and will update everyone once we have more info. Thank you for your continued patience.



NASCAR Heat Evolution had day one patches available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you haven’t downloaded these already, please do so! They include a ton of features including DLC and wheel support. On Friday (9/16), we released an additional patch for PlayStation 4 that corrected a few things and added some additional features. This same patch has also been submitted for Xbox One and is pending approval from Microsoft. We’ll share an update once this update is live. On PC, we released two patches last week. Among the fixes, we introduced a new tool so players can setup virtually any racing wheel with NASCAR Heat Evolution. We’re already working on the next updates so stay tuned. Which leads us to…



We’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback. Keep it coming! We cannot respond to everyone but we’ve been reading each and every comment that’s come through this past week. Our development team at Monster Games is looking through all your requests and is figuring out what we can do to make the game even better for fans. If you have feedback about the game, please be detailed in your responses. We can’t make improvements without knowing what to improve!


2016 and Beyond

NASCAR Heat Evolution is a complete reboot of a beloved gaming franchise. Our team has been working incredibly hard to deliver an experience fans will enjoy. We embarked on this journey with the goal of creating a NASCAR game with realistic track creations, responsive driving feel, authentic AI, a stable online experience, and other features that are integral to an authentic and fun game. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to deliver with NASCAR Heat Evolution and we will continue to support and expand on the experience. While it’s only our first year and first game, we look forward to supporting NASCAR Heat Evolution and beyond for many years to come.


Enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to check out Matt DiBenedetto’s #83 NASCAR Heat Evolution Toyota Camry this weekend at New Hampshire!