Week 3 News Update

As The Chase heats up on the track, NASCAR Heat Evolution has a few upgrades planned. We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve got some updates planned over the coming weeks with the features you’ve been asking for. Below is a list of features Monster Games is working on.

You may notice a few fan suggestions are missing from the list. Don’t worry! We’re looking into them. Some updates require more development time than others and may have to wait until the next title release. Nonetheless, we’re here listening to your feedback. Stay tuned.

  • Address issue of players driving backwards
  • Set physics type option
  • Allow setups option
  • Add additional drivers
  • Adjust screen size option on console
  • Miller Lite paint scheme integration
  • Update engine sounds
  • Improve caution flag sensitivity
  • Fix engine issue when using “Full Damage”
  • Polish fuel windows
  • Other improvements and fixes
(Please note, this list is subject to change.)