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For Sony users, you will navigate the PlayStation main menu to NASCAR 21: Ignition and select the “Options” button on your controller. Scroll down to “Information” and select the X button. To check for updates, do the same process of selecting the “Options” button on the controller and scrolling down to “Check For Updates” and hitting the X button.

For Steam users, you will navigate to NASCAR 21: Ignition in your Steam Library, start the game and go to the “Options” menu on the main screen and select “General Options” and you will be able to see the version number on the bottom right.

For Xbox users, select the “Manage Game” button while on NASCAR 21: Ignition in the Games menu. From here, you can verify your Version and check for any additional updates.

NASCAR 21:Ignition Standard Edition and Champions Edition will be available on October 28, 2021, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC (Steam), with backwards compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S


Pre-order NASCAR 21:Ignition Standard Edition or Champions Edition for early access startingAugust 12, 2021.Players that pre-order NASCAR 21: Ignition will receive early access on October26, 2021.

No. NASCAR 21: Ignition will only feature the drivers and teams from the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season.

Yes. Players will be able to use the menu settings to adjust both the difficulty and assist levels. With NASCAR 21: Ignition players can make the racing as easy or as difficult as they would prefer. This is great for first-time racers and those new to NASCAR, but also for the most dedicated players looking for an authentic and challenging racing experience.

There are three gameplay modes within NASCAR 21: Ignition: Race Now, Career and Online Multiplayer.

NASCAR 21: Ignition features a brand-new Paint Booth, which allows players the ability to customize and create their own unique paint scheme. Choose the color of your car, side-skirts, roof rail, spoiler and wheels. Apply decal shapes to create awesome patterns and gradients to enhance your look. Design your own driver number and adjust it across each panel. Alter contingency logos to add to the authenticity of your paint scheme.

No. Multiplayer functionality works only with the online gameplay. Single-player options are limited to Race Now and Career Mode.

No. There are no victory burnouts in NASCAR 21: Ignition, but the post-race menu features a full video replay and a Victory Lane video where the driver and crew celebrate the win.

Players can turn on the Driving Line feature in the Options menu to learn the best line around the track, when to brake and when to get back to the gas. This feature can be turned on or off in all racing modes.

Players can adjust the AI Difficulty, Driving Line, Steering Assistance, Braking Assistance, ABS, Spin Recovery, Traction Control, and Transmission Type

By accessing the datapad, players can change the car setup to tight, stable or loose.

Players can adjust the Race Weekend Type, Race Length, Race Field Size, Stages, Weather, Temperature, Damage Model, Tire Wear and Fuel Consumption, NASCAR Rules, and Simulated Qualifying.

Race Weekend Type has four options: Two Practices, Qualify & Race; Practice, Qualify & Race; Qualify & Race; Race Only. The Race Length has the following options: 2%, 5%, 15%, 25%, 50%, 100%. Players can adjust the field size from 1 to 40. Weather can change between Clear Skies, Partly Cloudy Skies, and Overcast Skies. Temperature can change from Dynamic to Constant.

Damage Model options are No Damage, Visual Damage, Complex Damage, and Realistic Damage. Simulated Qualifying gives players the option to choose between Last Position, First Position, and Random Position. In order to turn Stages on, players need to make the race at least 15% in length and turn on NASCAR Rules. Turning on NASCAR Rules will also turn on black flags for speeding on pit road.

The voiceover in NASCAR 21: Ignition is provided by Motor Racing Network broadcaster Alex Hayden.

The in-game spotter is 23XI Racing’s Freddie Kraft, who serves as the spotter for Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR Cup Series.

The spotter closed captioning can be disabled by turning off the Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the settings menu. The spotter closed captioning also goes away while racing in the cockpit view.

The in-car cockpit view provides players with a rearview mirror in the same location it can be found in an actual race car. Players can move their view to check the mirror while driving. When racing with any view other than the cockpit view, players can use the right stick to look behind and alongside the race car. There are also on-screen number indicators that show where other competitors are behind a player’s car. As the competitors near a player, the indicator grows larger and shows which direction they are approaching.

NASCAR 21: Ignition currently supports a variety of wheels, depending upon your platform of choice. Please note that wheels are only supported in race sessions (ie. “when the tires hit the track”) and a controller or mouse/keyboard are required to navigate menus and other areas of the game outside of the racing experience. The full functionality and feature set of each supported wheel may vary at the time of launch, but additional functionality and feature support, as well as full support for additional wheels, is planned for inclusion in future updates. Please see below for the current list of supported wheels.


Console Compatibility

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5:

  • Logitech – G29
  • Thrustmaster (Update 2.5) – T-GT, T300RS, T500, T248, T150, T80

Xbox One, Xbox S/X:

  • Logitech – G920
  • THRUSTMASTER (Update 2.5)  – Ferrari 458 Italia, 458 Spider, Leather Edition, Servo Base, TMX Pro, TMX, TS-XW

PC Compatibility

  • FANATEC-ClubSport Wheel, CSLPS4, CSL XBOX, CSR Elite, CSR Wheel, CSW V2, CSW V2.5,Podium Wheel Base DD1, Podium Wheel Base DD2, Porsche GT3
  • LOGITECH-Driving Force GT, G25 Racing Wheel, G27 Racing Wheel, G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel, G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel, MOMO Racing Wheel
  • THRUSTMASTER-T-GT Racing Wheel, T150 Racing Wheel, T300RS Racing Wheel, T500RS Racing Wheel, TMX Racing Wheel, TS-PC Racer, TS-XW Racing Wheel, TX Racing Wheel, F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
  • MORE-OSW SimuCube, SimSteering, Simxperience Accuforce

NASCAR 21: Ignition will not feature multiple display or VR headset support at launch. We will be sure to announce any updates or plans for these experiences.

Currently, no. NASCAR 21: Ignition is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC (Steam), with backwards compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. NASCAR 21: Ignition will have a free upgrade path for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S post- launch, with free downloadable upgrades available for other users as well.

  1. Connect 3 monitors to graphics card
  2. Configure monitors for a multiple display setup
  3. Launch the game
  4. Enter a race event
  5. In the data pad’s ‘Options’ tab select ‘Video’
  6. In the screen settings change resolution settings

In the Race Now settings, set your Field Size to 1 and your Weekend Length to include a Practice session (this should give you plenty of space to experiment with your top speed).

Load into Daytona International Speedway (this track allows you to easily reach top speed).

Drive to track in your Practice session.

Run a few laps and note your Top Speed.

Pause the game and choose Settings > Controls > Controller.

Adjust the R2/RT Saturation slider down 5 notches.

Return to the track and drive a few more laps and note your Top Speed (it should be higher).

Keep adjusting the Saturation slider downwards 5 notches at a time and see how it affects your Top Speed.

At some point, you will see no improvement in your Top Speed. When this happens, adjust the Saturation back up 5 notches.

This controller should now be properly calibrated to reach Top Speed. Please note that this setting will be global for all controllers and may need to be readjusted if you change controllers.

Online Gameplay

Yes. You will be able to create a party to join online matching with your friends. The Multiplayer Hoppers will be split into two sections: “Shake and Bake” and “Bump and Run”. “Shake and Bake” will feature intermediate and superspeedway tracks, while “Bump and Run” will feature short tracks and road courses.

Players will have the opportunity to vote for the track they would like to race while the Online Multiplayer lobby loads. The lobby will present players three voting options: Track 1, Track 2 or Random.

No. NASCAR 21: Ignition’s Online Multiplayer functions will only feature the race event, not practice and qualifying.

Career Mode

Yes, in NASCAR 21: Ignition players can create their own character and begin their NASCAR career by selecting a contract from one of the teams competing in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season. Customizing a driver’s appearance is not a supported feature in NASCAR 21: Ignition.

No, players are only able to select contracts from existing teams that are competing in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season.

No, the contracts offered by each team are for a specific car number already chosen. Some car numbers and drivers are consideredFranchise Drivers and will remain in their rides over the course of multiple seasons.

The driver value in NASCAR 21: Ignition is made up of the following factors, all derived from your negotiated contract: Your Salary (50%) Your Race Winnings (75%) Your Endorsements (100%) Your Contract Clauses (-100%)

The in-gameAgent will notify the player of contract negotiations or contract offers through notifications on the Calendar feature of Career Mode. A pop-up message will indicate you have a new contract offer.

Once the player receives a new contract offer, the Agent will present the offer and the details of the offer. Players can accept the contract offer or edit the contract terms by adjusting the Salary,Length,Percentage ofWinnings, Finish Position, AverageFinish,Final Rank, Wins, Top
Fives, Top 10s, Poles, and Laps Led.Not all contract offers will allow the player to adjust each of these areas, however.The Agent will offer feedback on the changes before the player submits a counteroffer.Once submitted, the player will have to await the team’s response to the counteroffer.The player will receive a notification of the team’s response to the counteroffer, which the player can view right away or view later. The player can then accept the team’s final offeror continue to negotiate with other teams.
With ‘Silly Season’ being a major part of NASCAR in real life each year, the Career Mode of NASCAR 21: Ignition will feature some driver changes between seasons. There will not be driver movement between teams, but some drivers will retire from their current rides and will be replaced by up-and-coming drivers making their way up the ranks of NASCAR from the Xfinity and Truck Series.

Champions Edition

With the Champions Edition you unlock the ability to race as NASCAR Hall of Fame driver and former NASCAR champion Bill Elliott. The Champions Edition also includes the Season Pass, which features three DLC packs highlighting the Throwback, Patriotic and Playoff content, a larger selection of alternative paint schemes, as well as three additional Legendary drivers.Players will also receive a Career Booster as part of the Champions Edition

Players will start their Career Mode with a full season contract and compete for the title right away without worrying about contract negotiations. This is exclusive to the Champions Edition.

Season Pass

The Season Pass for NASCAR 21: Ignition is the best way to get the most of your gaming experience. The Season Pass features three unique DLC Packs highlighting the Throwback, Patriotic and Playoff content from the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season. Also included with Season Pass is a larger selection of driver paint schemes, as well as three Legendary NASCAR drivers.

No. Bill Elliott is only available in NASCAR 21: Ignition Champions Edition. He is not included in the Season Pass.

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