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2018 Hot Pass – NH3

The 2018 Hot Pass for NASCAR Heat 3

The 2018 Hot Pass is a must-have for any NASCAR Heat 3 fan. The 2018 Hot Pass gives players the entire library of 2018 DLC for NASCAR Heat 3. A new DLC pack will be released each month, from September through December (these packs can also be purchased individually for $12.99 each). Take a look at the different DLC that will be available:

  • Paint Schemes: Some of the most fun and exciting paint schemes have been selected to be released as DLC this year in NASCAR Heat 3. These paint schemes will be released for drivers across all three NASCAR National Series and can be used online and offline.
  • Challenges: While NASCAR Heat 3 comes with 38 unique Challenges for fans to beat, new Challenges will be released to test skills and relive some of the greatest moments from the 2018 NASCAR Season.

Also returning this year are free Paint Schemes and Challenges featuring your favorite Hendrick Motorsports drivers. Fans will receive this free content automatically in monthly updates.

The NASCAR Heat 3 2018 Hot Pass will be available September 7 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $29.99.